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Basiloid Products offers a repair program that can be very cost effective. Large and small companies alike have reduced their equipment cost by remanufacturing instead of replacing units they thought to be beyond repair. Basiloid engineers are available for consulting and custom fabrication of equipment and devices to solve material handling problems.

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Accessories and attachment components provide flexibility of configurations for various applications. Browse our selection of additional products and services.

Material Handling Basiloid has worked primarily with the major appliance and HVAC industries for the past 70 years manufacturing attachments for products packaged in “folded cap” cartons. We have more recently branched out into the automotive industry fabricating racks, carts, and other material handling items for moving and storage of assembly line parts and accessories.


Serve Customer Internationally
Serve Customer Internationally Helping major companies, from Canada to Australia, Europe to China
In Business For Over 60 Years
In Business For Over 70 Years Founded in the era of World War II and incorporated in 1952
Cost Effective
Cost Effective Basiloid Products offers a repair program that can be very cost effective