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Basiloid Lift Truck Attachment Components

The principle of the Basiloid method is to replace lift truck forks with an adjustable position Lifting Blade that slips under the lip of a folded cap carton. The Lifting Blade rides up and down on the fork carriage. It lifts the carton by the top lip instead of sliding forks under the carton. The construction of all Basiloid models consists of a Main Frame, Sliding Drop Plate and Lifting Blade. Lifting range can be expanded with Top Extensions. Accessories provide flexibility of configurations for various applications.

Main Frame (MF)

A Main Frame mounts on the fork carriage of any make or model of lift truck. Keyhole slots at three inch intervals in the vertical channels accept Lifting Blades, Snap-On Top Extensions and other accessories. I.T.A. Class II Hook Type mounting is standard. Other special mountings available.

Sliding Drop Plate (SDP)

This telescoping section supports the carton at its strongest part, the base. It allows variation in the height of cartons that can be top handled without moving the Lifting Blade.

Drop Plate Lock (DPL)

Supplied as standard with every Main Frame, a block that snaps into the back of the center keyhole channel to limit travel of the Sliding Drop Plate.

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Telescoping Top Extension (TTE)

Several models have extensions to telescope up for high stacking tall (68″ to 97″) cartons or telescope down for loading short cartons in highway trailers. Can be adjusted on 3″ centers up to a maximum of 24″ or 30″ (depending on model).

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Basiloid Lift-A-Pliance® Accessories

Lifting Blade (LB)

A Lifting Blade mounts in keyhole slots on the vertical channels of the Main Frame. The Lifting Blade(s) support(s) the entire load. Lifting capacity is determined by the strength of the carton. Swivel mounting ensures proper alignment. Accidental disengagement is greatly reduced by a spring loaded safety lock. Standard Lifting Blades for 4″ folded caps can be equipped with filler strips for shorter caps. Lifting Blade styles are: Standard, Off-Center Mount or Open Center in standard sizes from 8″ to 30″ or Heavy Duty in sizes to 36″. Special sizes are available.

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Drop Plate Extensions (DPE)

Pairs of extensions 3″ to 16″ wide for conversion of certain models for carrying two or three cartons side-by-side. This prevents cartons from fanning apart at the front.

Snap-On Top Extensions (STE)

The addition of this attachment reduces the loss of lifting height considerably when handling tall cartons. The Snap On Top Extensions are for use on all models (except 1046-76).

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Folding Fork Extensions (FFE)

Extensions fit over Folding Forks to extend length up to 150% of fork length.

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Carpet Ram (CR)

Carpet Rams to 12′ lengths and up to 2-3/4″ diameter can be adapted to fit all lift trucks. A Quick Change Adapter (A312) is also available. This permits the use of the Carpet Ram while the lift truck is equipped with the Lift-A-Pliance® attachment or Space Saver Frames. One person can install or remove the Carpet Ram from the lift truck with very little effort and without removing the other items.

Folding Forks (FF)

(For Models 160, 260, 1046-76 and 1076) Folding Forks in lengths to 48″ with standard or full top taper in various capacities. Designed to fold up out of the way when lift truck is “top handling”. Adjustable width forks available.
Full top taper Chart   Full-top-taper Standard-taper-chart   Standard-taper  

Space Saver Frames (SSF-24)

A lift truck equipped with Space Saver Frames and Folding Forks may be more easily moved from floor to floor in a freight elevator when space is limited. Transporting a lift truck on another vehicle will also occupy less space. The Space Saver Frames may be equipped with various style and capacity Folding Forks.

Blade Storage Bracket ( )

As it is sometimes required to have more than one size of lifting blade readily available, we manufacture several different styles of wall and floor mounted blade storage brackets to keep your lifting blades stored neatly and in one place for easy access.

LAP Storage Bracket ( )

Wall and floor mounted storage brackets are available for the Basiloid Main Frames. These brackets allow you to safely store the Basiloid Attachment after removing it from the forklift.

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