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Factory Rebuilding Availiable

Many companies, using the “Lift-A-Pliance®” attachments, have discovered that Basiloid Products offers a repair program that can be very cost effective. Large and small companies alike have reduced their equipment cost by remanufacturing instead of replacing units they thought to be beyond repair.

Repairs are made on a “time and material” basis. Estimates will be provided and work will not begin without your approval. Your “Lift-A-Pliance®” attachments will be returned to you in a “like new” condition. We have, on rare occasion, received units that were so severely damaged that repair was not a practical option.

Contact Our Office and we will provide you with completed details on:

  1. Preparing your “Lift-A-Pliance®” attachments for shipping.
  2. Description and Freight Class for the “bill of lading”. (very important)
  3. Determining freight carrier of choice and method of billing to hold the shipping cost to the lowest level.
(references available upon request)

Rebuilding may be Right for you!

Custom Fabrication

Basiloid engineers are available for consulting and custom fabrication of equipment and devices to solve material handling problems. For a no cost or obligation evaluation, please contact the factory.

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