The Basiloid Lift-A-Pliance® is a lifting attachment for forklifts that allows any standard lift truck to lift folded cap cartons from the top. The Lift-A-Pliance® allows you to save space above, below, and on the sides of low-density, high-bulk cartons. By eliminating the space occupied by pallets, this attachment permits narrower aisles, as top lifting significantly reduces maneuvering room.

There are several benefits to using a Lift-A-Pliance® from Basiloid, including:

  • Reduces product damage caused by lift truck forks
  • Cuts handling expenses by allowing the lift truck to handle several cartons simultaneously
  • Saves valuable warehouse space

Major appliance manufacturers, including GE, Sub Zero, and Monogram, and major HVAC equipment manufacturers, including Nortek, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, and Lennox, rely on the Basiloid Lift-A-Pliance® in their facilities to safely lift products and efficiently use space.

Custom Designs

Basiloid custom designs Lift-A-Pliance® based on our customer’s specific requirements. When a client contacts us, we follow a process to ensure we deliver the optimal Lift-A-Pliance® for our customer’s application:

  • Step one. We work with the client to understand their handling needs. This includes the specifications for their Lift-A-Pliance® as well as their potential need for custom-fabricated products, storage brackets, fork extensions, and other accessories.
  • Step two. Our experienced staff supplies a quote based on the details discussed in step one.
  • Step three. Once the quote is approved by the client, the order is placed into production.
  • Step four. Since Lift-A-Pliance® products are custom-made, lead times can vary depending upon the volume of new orders currently in our production schedule. Once complete, we’ll prepare the attachment for shipment.


When a customer purchases a Basiloid Lift-A-Pliance®, we provide exceptional customer service long after the product is delivered. Basiloid offers a cost-effective repair program that allows large and small-volume facilities to have their equipment remanufactured. This saves a company money by eliminating the need for completely replacing units that are beyond repair.

Most equipment that is remanufactured can be restored to like-new condition. We make repairs on a “time and material” basis and provide an estimate that must be customer-approved before any work begins. Basiloid returns the remanufactured Lift-A-Pliance® attachments in like new condition. In rare circumstances, when a unit is severely damaged or cannot be cost-effectively repaired, we may be unable to repair the Lift-A-Pliance®.

Forklift Attachment Services from Basiloid Diversified Products

The Lift-A-Pliance® from Basiloid offers a reliable, space-saving solution for a range of handling applications. By working with us to discuss your facility’s particular needs, the experts at Basiloid can create a customized Lift-A-Pliance® product that fits your exact requirements. We can also offer equipment rebuilding services to restore your current unit to like-new condition..

As a leader in the “Top Handling” method, Basiloid is a trusted provider of the Lift-A-Pliance® lift truck attachment. Regardless of your needs, we can deliver a Lift-A-Pliance® solution designed to save valuable space while reducing product damage. For more information about our forklift attachment services, or to get started on your custom Lift-A-Pliance® product, contact us today.


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