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Basiloid Diversified Products manufactures high-performance mechanical lift truck attachments for material handling operations. We offer a wide variety of accessories to best suit your needs, including main frames, lifting blades, drop plate extensions and drop plate locks, folding forks, extensions, and more. Our core competencies of consulting, custom fabricating, and factory rebuilding come with a decades-long commitment to quality products and keeping customer service at the front line of everything we do.

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Company History

Since our founding in the World War II era and our incorporation in 1952, we’ve remained true to our ultimate goal: aiding customers from companies large and small to improve the way you do business. To that end, our company founder, Lloyd Hobson, first developed the top-handling Basiloid Lift-A-Pliance® lift truck attachment more than seventy years ago. Thanks to Hobson’s efforts, this efficient and cost-effective attachment is still improving material handling operations for customers throughout the world to this day.

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What Sets Basiloid Apart From Other Forklift Attachment Manufacturers

As a forklift and lift truck attachments manufacturer, Basiloid stands out from the competition by performing custom fabrication services for high-quality equipment, helping you find the right solution for your unique material handling application. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way to offer full support and one-on-one attention. Safety is another important factor at Basiloid, and so not only are our products safe to use, but we comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to ensure a safe environment for our workers.

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Top-Handling Method of Material Handling Equipment

As a trusted material handling equipment manufacturer, Basiloid takes pride in being both the pioneer and industry leader in the top-handling method. Leading companies from the United States and Canada to Europe, China, and Australia have taken up the method, recognizing it as a supremely effective way to save on valuable warehousing space while also reducing damage to cartons and products.

Our Lift-A-Pliance® attachment makes it possible to convert any standard-variety lift truck to raise two to four folded cap cartons by their tops. For greater versatility, the telescoping top section makes it possible to use a smaller lift truck for the job. With cartons containing low-density, high-bulk products, the Lift-A-Pliance® allows you to save on surrounding space, significantly minimizing the area required to maneuver. Our attachment instead enables you to make use of the space formerly occupied by pallets, store more cartons, and narrow your aisles, all while resulting in an optimal ROI and cost savings on pallets and storage.

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Contact Basiloid Diversified Products

Working with a forklift or lift truck attachment that costs less in equipment, pallets, and storage space is a move that benefits the efficiency and budget of virtually any material handling operation. The top-handling system from Basiloid, along with our extensive product and accessory lines, can help you achieve this. By partnering with Basiloid, you’re working with a company that combines unmatched experience and comprehensive services to fabricate equipment that aims to be the solution to your material handling challenges.

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